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.: Off-Pump Bypass Surgery
Photo of Dr. David A. Ott examining a patient after "off pump" heart surgery

Certain cases of coronary artery disease can be treated with coronary artery bypass using so called "off pump" techniques. While the most important goal in bypass surgery is to obtain the most perfect bypass attainable by the safest possible method, this can be accomplished in some cases without resorting to methods that involve extracorporeal circulation of the blood ("on pump" bypass).

Conversely, depending on the patient's individual anatomy and other factors, off pump bypass may be inappropriate, counterproductive or unsafe. Consultation with the most experienced surgeon possible is mandatory when considering the options to insure the safest, most effective and long lasting result from coronary artery bypass surgery as results can vary considerably. A surgeon experienced in the most difficult of surgical cases can best advise the patient and make the most appropriate decisions in the operating room to insure the patient's safety and long term outcome.


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