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.: Peripheral Artery Blockages

X-ray image depicting  Peripheral Artery Blockage in a patient of Dr. Ott'sPeripheral vascular disease refers generally to blockages of the arteries supplying the legs. Blockage may occur in the aorta within the abdomen before it branches to the legs or between the upper and lower leg where the artery is exposed to a degree of stress. Pain when walking and eventual rest pain and gangrene may result. Bypassing these areas of blockage with polyester (Dacron) or polytetra fluorethylene (Goretex) grafts can correct the problem.

Bypasses within the leg itself are usually performed with saphenous vein (an extra vein from the patient’s leg) or with Goretex tubing. Some patients may benefit from endovascular stenting or angioplasty depending upon the individual anatomy.


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