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.: Rhythm Problems including Atrial Fibrillation
Illustrated Human heart showing Aorta, Aortic Valve, Mitral Valve, Left Atrium and Ventricle, and Right Atrium and Ventricle

Arrhythmias of the heart can be debilitating and life threatening in some cases. While many types are readily controlled by medications, the more serious arrhythmias may require more extensive measures.

Specialized electrophysiologists in the cardiology field can sometimes cure the problems with relatively noninvasive means in the cardiac catheterization lab. Some cases will require more extensive operative methods to effect a cure or improvement in the rhythm problem.

Combining surgery for other heart problems such as mitral valve repair with surgical treatment of significant rhythm problems is possible. These techniques are specialized and are evolving in major medical centers. Methods include cryoablation (freezing), radio frequency ablation, specialized incisions, and ultrasonic ablation techniques, and require highly specialized medical and surgical teams.

Dr. Ott and the electrophysiologists at St. Luke's and the Texas Heart Institute can coordinate a program appropriate to each individual case.


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